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About vanBasco's Karaoke Player

vanBasco’s Karaoke Player (aktualna wersja 2.53) - this program is one of the most popular MIDI music files player with texts of songs. In this program you can, amongst the other things, change the tempo, volume and tone of a given composition. The program can play files in this formats: MIDI (.mid, .midi), Microsoft RMID (.rmi) i Karaoke (.kar).
vanBasco’s Karaoke Player propagates as a freeware, that means it is completely free.
Operation System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP.

Download: vanBasco’s Karaoke Player v. 2.53

Language Packs

The default download of vanBasco's Karaoke Player includes an English, a German, an Italian and a Spanish language pack.

Here you can download more language packs. To install a language pack, simply download .exe file and run it.

Catalan vanbasco_catalan.exe
Chinese (Traditional)vanbasco_trad_chinese.exe
Chinese (Simplified)vanbasco_chinese.exe
Dutch vanbasco_dutch.exe
Polish vanbasco_polish.exe
Serbian vanbasco_serbian.exe
Swedish vanbasco_swedish.exe

Skins for vanBasco's Karaoke Player

By installing a new skin, you can change the appearance of vanBasco's Karaoke Player,

To install a new skin, download the .zip-archive of the file, extract to the installation folder of vanBasco's Karaoke Player (e.g. C:\Program Files\vanBasco's Karaoke Player).
Then, inside vanBasco's Karaoke Player, open the setup dialog. (You get to the setup dialog by clicking the note button in the top-left corner in the main program window of vanBasco's Karaoke Player and choosing "Setup...".) Choose the "Misc" tab. In the box labeled "Skin" select the skin you just installed. Then close the setup dialog by clicking the "OK" button. The last step is to restart vanBasco's Karaoke Player.










1. Question: With songs I play, the lyrics are not displayed in the Karaoke Window. Why?

Answer: First of all, vanBasco's Karaoke Player will only display the words if the song file you are playing includes them. Files with the .mid extension generally do not contain words. Files that do include lyrics are usually renamed to have a .kar extension.

2. Question: I want to add lyrics to an existing MIDI file - how can I do this?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot add or modify lyrics with vanBasco's Karaoke Player. However, there are dedicated Karaoke editors available, such as WinKaraoke Creator (freeware).

3. Question: Can I print the words of a song using your player?

Answer: You can copy the words to the Windows clipboard by choosing "Copy" from the Karaoke Window's context menu (right-click inside the Karaoke Window to get to the context menu). Then you can paste the lyrics into an empty document in your word processor and print from there.

4. Question: How can I print a playlist?

Answer: You can import a playlist file (*.vpl) into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel and print from there. Here's how it works in general. (Details my vary, depending on the particular product you're using. For definitive information, please consult the documentation of your spreadsheet program on how to import data from text files.)
Start your spreadsheet program. From the File menu, choose "Open..." or "Import...". As file type, select "text file" or "comma-separated values (csv) file" or something similar, as available. Open the playlist file you wish to print, e.g. "Sample Playlist.vpl". All playlist files are located in the installation directory of the player, e.g. C:\Program Files\vanBasco's Karaoke Player. When prompted, specify that all fields in the file are separated by semicolons. After importing you can delete the columns that you don't want to print. That's all you need to do.

5. Question: Does your player play Karaoke (CD+G) discs?

Answer: No, it doesn't - vanBasco's Karaoke Player plays MIDI Karaoke files only. However there are a number of CD+G software players available.

6. Question: When I make changes to the tempo or key of a song, how can I save the changes back to the MIDI file?

Answer: vanBasco's Karaoke Player cannot modify MIDI files. (Use a MIDI sequencer if you want to do this - there is a free one available called Jazz++.)
However, if you merely want to retain your playback settings for a particular file, you can store this information in the playlist. This is done by clicking "Save to List" in the control window inside vanBasco's Karaoke Player. Your settings will be remembered the next time you load the song from the same playlist provided that "Use from List" is enabled (also in the control window).

Keyboard Shortcuts

vanBasco's Karaoke Player can be controlled via the following keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcut Alternative shortcut Action
Space Bar Play / Pause
Ctrl + N F4 Next Song in Playlist
Ctrl + P F3 Previous Song in Playlist
Right Arrow Fast Forward
Left Arrow Rewind
+ Transpose Up by One Semitone
- Transpose Down by One Semitone
Num * > Increase Tempo (speed)
Num / < Decrease Tempo
[ Lower Volume (Softer)
] Increase Volume (Louder)
Ctrl + O F2 Reset
Alt + Q F12 Open Quick Select Window
Alt + F F11 Toggle Full Screen Karaoke
F1 Open Online Help File
Alt + L Toggle Playlist Window
Alt + C Toggle Control Window
Alt + O Toggle Output Window
Alt + P Toggle Piano Window
Alt + K Toggle Karaoke Window
Ctrl + A Toggle Autoplay
Ctrl + S Toggle Shuffle
Ctrl + C Toggle Scan
Ctrl + R Toggle Repeat
ALT + S Open Setup Dialog
ALT + X Exit Program


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