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How to start?

Before we say how to make karaoke party on your computer, lets explain, what is Karaoke? Encyclopedia definition:

Karaoke - common form of entertainment which is based on singing, in a club or a pub, of a smash hits with an instrumental background without a vocal part. Singer may be supported by the text on the screen like monitor or TV.

Karaoke, which is very popular form of entertainment was started in Japan, after that it gained popularity in whole East Asia and in 1980’s karaoke spread throughout other parts of the world.
This Japanese word comes from words: „kara” which means „empty”, and „oke”, which is a short form of a word ōkesutora - orchestra. Whole name may be translated as „empty orchestra”. [ more about history ]


Download from our website program to playback Karaoke compositions and install it in Windows. Our proposal: vanBasco's Karaoke Player


Download songs from our website. You can choose between compositions in English, Polish or German


Open Karaoke program, open a song and sing along ...

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